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Easier Living in the Slipstream of Others

I was trying and failing to get up the energy to dive into another session grading student work. I muted the TV during the commercial break and looked over at my computer workstation and thought for a second that I felt bored. But with too much to do both personal and with my job, how could I be bored? Something

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“Loneliness” (Another JBB Journal Classic)

I spent some more time perusing the JBB Journal archives and found this gem from the last year of my marriage, just a few months before the shit hit the fan… Loneliness 1:46 A.M. Much on my mind. I feel lonely. An odd feeling. Or perhaps a feeling that I haven’t paid much attention to in the past. My wife

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Mr. Mister Miyagi & Running into Someone’s Clone

Alex's Bar Long Beach by Hopped LA

Alex’s Bar, Long Beach, CA I finally got off my ass and went to see my friend’s live karaoke band “Mister Mister Miyagi.” I didn’t know a soul there, except my friend, Cliff, and finding parking was a real bitch but other than that it was a blast. “What the hell is ‘live‘ karaoke?,” one might ask. Basically the band

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