Loneliness If you are an adult and experience loneliness, society seems to be saying that you’re doing it wrong. Yeah. I have known no greater depth of loneliness than at one point in my marriage when my wife & I just weren’t communicating and much later when I was desperately in love and my lover had retreated to another bedroom in her huge house. And … Continue reading Loneliness

Easier Living in the Slipstream of Others

I was trying and failing to get up the energy to dive into another session grading student work. I muted the TV during the commercial break and looked over at my computer workstation and thought for a second that I felt bored. But with too much to do both personal and with my job, how could I be bored? Something reminded me that only a … Continue reading Easier Living in the Slipstream of Others

“Loneliness” (Another JBB Journal Classic)

I spent some more time perusing the JBB Journal archives and found this gem from the last year of my marriage, just a few months before the shit hit the fan… Loneliness 1:46 A.M. Much on my mind. I feel lonely. An odd feeling. Or perhaps a feeling that I haven’t paid much attention to in the past. My wife sleeps in the next room … Continue reading “Loneliness” (Another JBB Journal Classic)

Empty Xmas to Me

It’s not the same. It hasn’t been the same since before Thanksgiving. My nieces were there to give me hugs and kisses and lots of attention. A friend of my sister brought her seven-month old and the little one was a wonderful reminder of what the day was supposed to be about. But something was missing. It’s like everything has lost its flavor and no … Continue reading Empty Xmas to Me

Alex's Bar Long Beach by Hopped LA

Mr. Mister Miyagi & Running into Someone’s Clone

Alex’s Bar, Long Beach, CA I finally got off my ass and went to see my friend’s live karaoke band “Mister Mister Miyagi.” I didn’t know a soul there, except my friend, Cliff, and finding parking was a real bitch but other than that it was a blast. “What the hell is ‘live‘ karaoke?,” one might ask. Basically the band put together a list of … Continue reading Mr. Mister Miyagi & Running into Someone’s Clone