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Video Fridays: Some Cello Music for Your Soul


Inspired by news of how the Italians were coping with their quarantine with evening serenades that were posted on YouTube, 9-year-old Taran Tien and his little sister, 6-year-old Calliope, offered to perform a cello concert for their next-door neighbor, 78-year-old Helen Schlam, who had been self-quarantining in her Columbus, Ohio home. Rebecca Tien, the mother of the two musicians, recorded

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Sweet As Whole by Sara Bareilles

DailyRandomShit for 2016-04-29 I always wondered why there were explicit lyrics warning stickers on sweet Sara Bareilles’ recordings. I thought that it was because she’s known for dropping an F-bomb or two in her live performances. Then my friend, Kellie, directed to this sweet little ditty in my direction. Enjoy & have an effing great weekend. BTW NSFW!

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For the Love of It – Music

This past Sunday afternoon Tricia and I went to see her brother play at a Blues jam session held at a place called Jesup Bay out in Oviedo, a few miles from my place. It was a beautiful afternoon, the parking lot was packed and a ring of motorcycles surrounded the entry way, where a few were enjoying the breezy

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Unexpected Alanis Tickets

Did something completely unexpected today. I saw that tickets for a October 21st Alanis Morissette concert were going on sale and in the process of checking out which tickets were available I ended up buying a pair of tickets. Given my horrendous fortunes in the past finding companions to share “the concert experience” with one would think that I would

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Neva – Acoustic Video

I can’t believe that it’s been six weeks since I last saw Neva. Damn. I miss her and the friends at Taco Beach. I hope that they’re doing well. The whole thing inspires me to find my own voice and share the gifts God’s given me. Hopeful. jbb Music: The Things I’ll Never Be– by Neva

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Pat Benatar @ HOB – Downtown Disney

07-12 Pat Benatar @ HOB – Downtown Disney, originally uploaded by boringcom. Brother Matt and I found a spot among the screaming fans at Pat Benatar‘s House of Blues show, part of her current “Summerize” tour. Opening act, Lennon (aka Lennon Murphy), bravely leapt into her angst ridden set, solo on piano. In fact she came on without anyone announcing

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