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Sometimes People Do Nice Things [youtube]

This video was part of a Flash-Mob, which tend to be a kind of street theater generally organized over cell-phone text message. Many are political, most are meant to send a message. This one was a beautiful act of kindness and affection between a bus driver and some of his passengers. Thanks @ShawnKing (and @miche and @DanRebellato) for the heads

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Up in the Air and Life Choices

Just saw “Up in the Air,” and don’t know if I should be depressed or not. Ryan Bingham, played by George Clooney, is the quintessential road-warrior, who spends over 300-days a year business traveling and he loves it. He’s a firing expert who works for a firm that gets called in when it’s time for lay-offs. The job isn’t “fun”

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Blog-Action-Day-2009: CNN Says “Bloggers unite on climate change”

Follow-up note on Thursday’s Blog Action Day 09, CNN.com reported, “The scale of involvement in the day has been impressive. So far, over 8,000 blogs have registered in 144 countries and organizers predict that there will be around 15 million readers.” BAD ’09 organizer, Robin Beck, stated in a follow-up email, “We hit 31,000 total trackable blog posts, and our

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Blog-Action-Day-2009: Is It Getting Hot In Here?

I recently heard that a government representative in DC wanted to call together the whole scientific community in order to determine once and for all whether human activity had any bearing on climate change. That the man feels the need to do this would indicate that he feels that there is some question as to whether what we are doing

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Unexpected Restfulness in Moving

I’ve lived a great stretch of my adult life in one room studio apartments, so when I stepped up last year and moved to a one-bedroom apartment I didn’t think twice about putting my home office in my bedroom. The novelty was having the option to have a front room for entertaining. Of course I then discovered that I needed

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Ads on the Blog

Taco Beach, CA. Have I mentioned that I’m the only one in my family with a blog or active presence on the web? Siblings and mom are all email-literate, and older sister, Kats, is big on the forwarded sentimental messages, but I’m the only one with the blogs and myspace and facebook. With the Florida move on the near horizon

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