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Mentoring and Learning the Wrong Lessons

From my Masters studies at Pepperdine University, comes this tidbit of my own mentor-deficient journey. Spring. 2002 I can’t believe how my brother betrayed me. There he was, just rambling on, completely oblivious to the betrayal. I can’t believe he’d forgotten the vows we’d made during those numberless sweaty Saturdays out in the backyard under the heartless afternoon sun as

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All Learning and the No-Sayers

Little Pencils - museum members byJason Eppink

One student wrote about his leadership role model and sitting through meetings where all anyone can say is that “we don’t have the resources.” Here were my thoughts on the post: You have to wonder what the “no-sayers” would say if they were told that they don’t have a choice but have to find a way to do it. Period.

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Real Computers Versus Toys, Part 2

I can understand how some might feel that devices like iPads and tablets aren’t real computers, especially those who’ve never really used an iPad or those who think a real computer has to have a keyboard, mouse and USB port. Anything less are just toys, expensive toys, but still toys. Like I mentioned before, I don’t encounter this sentiment that

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Video Fridays: Crash Course World History

The Agricultural Revolution: Crash Course World History #1 When contemplating activities that might enrich ones life or existence one generally will not find “watching videos on YouTube” on the list. When public schools began to offer Internet access on campus one of the first sites to be blocked tended to a YouTube. We had to protect our students because the

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Mistakes Were Made: End the Black Box Fallacy & Give Teaching Back to Teachers

Mistakes were made: Education… yeah, that’s not a very big target… How did we get to the point where the institution of education needs to be rescued? Before we dive into this one, I don’t mean to ask the question with the intention of starting a firestorm of finger pointing, especially in this political season. Ack. But I do have

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NGLB – No Gamer Left Behind

This is a blast from the past, going back over five-year ago, before anyone had heard of “gamification” or any such nonsense. The George Lucas Foundation as part of an Edutopia documentary explored the possible wealth of learning that might be accomplished through something that at that point was thought to be mindless anti-social entertainment: gaming and game design. More

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What Education Misses By Its Fear of Mistakes

Soon-to-be EMDT Graduate and freelance photographer, Drew Fulton wrote the following blog post as a reflection on our course reading, The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. Yet it is only when we make mistakes in performance that we really begin to notice what needs attention. While reading through the first four practices in The Art

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Sometimes What’s Broke in Education Can’t Be Fixed by Tech, says Michael Wesch

Recently The Chronicle of Higher Education said it more emphatically with the headline: “A Tech-Happy Professor Reboots After Hearing His Teaching Advice Isn’t Working.” According to the Chronicle, it seems that Internet superstar/Youtube ethnographer, Professor Michael Wesch of Kansas State University is rethinking his anti-chalk-and-talk tech-infused simulation-styled classroom. It would seem that many are following his lead and ditching the

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