My Year with the OLPC – NR4PT

Around this time last year I was very excited to receive my OLPC (One Laptop per Child), called the XO-1. Having drunk the Negroponte gatorade I was endlessly frustrated with Dvorak and other tech journalists who kept their criticism of the XO-1 focused on either Negroponte’s eccentricities or the fact that the creators made it […]


“About your blog…”

Yeah, that was the subject line I found in my Full Sail account this morning. I was scared and decided to not read the message until I got a few things done… Turned out that the writer for Full Sail Online is working on an article designed to “encourage people to keep an engaging daily […]



When I read about the techniques Chinese bloggers were using to get the word out, I was reminded of my middle school students dying to listen to their music or get to their myspace page from behind the district’s firewall. District official’s no doubt would bristle at the analogy, but I’m sure that the Chinese […]