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“About your blog…”

Yeah, that was the subject line I found in my Full Sail account this morning. I was scared and decided to not read the message until I got a few things done… Turned out that the writer for Full Sail Online is working on an article designed to “encourage people to keep an engaging daily blog.” She heard about my

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When I read about the techniques Chinese bloggers were using to get the word out, I was reminded of my middle school students dying to listen to their music or get to their myspace page from behind the district’s firewall. District official’s no doubt would bristle at the analogy, but I’m sure that the Chinese officials also believe that they

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No Time for Good-Byes

A friend I was supposed to see this weekend just cancelled. I hadn’t heard from her and that naturally led me to anticipate some complication. I hate being right. I mean, in “normal times” my friends and I rarely have the time just to visit. Truth be told, it’s usually some conference that brings us together once a year. And

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OLPC 2.0 Goes “Touch”

This morning OLPC founder, Nicholas Negroponte, unveiled the XO version 2.0 according to Engadget and LaptopMag and it is all about the touch. With a schedule 2010 release date the OX will be a hinged dual touch-screen device almost half the size and volume as the original OX. Not too surprisingly, pundits* who didn’t “get” the original are stumped. The

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