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Year3-Week7: Course Adjustments

Year3-Week7: Course Adjustments I’ve gone on record saying that you make (teaching) plans so that you can pivot and change them based on the circumstances. This was that kind of week. For the past couple weeks I had been running the ragged edge trying to roll out the three thematic curriculum programs for my six grade levels and getting this year’s robotics team up and … Continue reading Year3-Week7: Course Adjustments

JBB’s Final Thoughts 24-Article: What Do People Really Mean When They Say… “We Believe that Children Are Our Future?”

Who, in their right mind, is going to say, “To hell with the kids, let them fend for themselves, who need ’em.” Even those who aren’t comfortable around little ones or who have no desire to have any children of their own are likely to have a soft spot for a precious niece or nephew or adorable neighborhood urchin. For the vast majority of us … Continue reading JBB’s Final Thoughts 24-Article: What Do People Really Mean When They Say… “We Believe that Children Are Our Future?”

Video Tuesdays: Broken Mirrors

We are forever flooded with images and stories about bad moms. That constant stream plus many of us having an unfortunate tendency towards being forever focused on our failings can lead us to see ourselves harshly. In the following video several moms assessed their parenting skills and then were given feedback from their kids. Enjoy. Love you, mom. Continue reading Video Tuesdays: Broken Mirrors

Video Wednesdays: Caine’s Arcade

I can’t tell you how much I love this story. I was this kid and to this day get ribbed to death by family members for trying to make things with cardboard and tape all through my childhood. Rockets, cities, clubhouses, you name I tried to build a version of it using cardboard boxes and tape. It does my heart good to see a nine-year-old … Continue reading Video Wednesdays: Caine’s Arcade

Art of Possibility Reflection: Unexpected Directions & Unanticipated Destinations

I just finished updating the reading part of my course and I somehow ended up telling my own story of Possibility. At this point in the course my students have read the first nine chapters of the Art of Possibility and are finishing up their final week in my course. They are just about to begin their last month in Full Sail’s emdtms program. Thus, … Continue reading Art of Possibility Reflection: Unexpected Directions & Unanticipated Destinations

Is the “Texting While Driving” PSA Too Graphic?

CNET’s Technically Incorrect blog, asked the question about whether makers of the following public service announcement (PSA) went too far depicting the dangers of texting while driving. If one views the video on a “surface” level, there’s nothing here that hasn’t been shown on most American televisions. My guess is that the uproar is this video presents its brief horrific narrative with no villain to … Continue reading Is the “Texting While Driving” PSA Too Graphic?

Roll Over Beethoven and Copy… Right!

Part of my course at Full Sail is about media issues, you know, stuff like Copyright, Fair Use and Creative Commons. The “M” in our program title (EMDT) is Media and my students, who are in their ninth month of a year long Masters degree program, are expected to stare down this huge subject and come up with a reasonable approach to something that I tell them occupies the life’s work of an army of lawyers, policymakers and troublemakers. As I lay down guiding principles to understanding the moving target that is Copyright/Fair Use/Creative Commons the discussions tend to be quite lively and informative for all participants. One thing that I’ve never fully appreciated is how difficult and expensive it can be for teachers who want to follow copyright law who teach band, or theater or any of the other arts.

One teacher wrote in her class blog:
Continue reading “Roll Over Beethoven and Copy… Right!”