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Another Fake Photo of Trump Supporter Roughed Up

Samara Weaving – Evil Dead Actress Make-Up Test DailyRandomShit for 2016-06-10 The Original Post:Bruce Campbell: Actor Addresses Fake Photo of Alleged Donald Trump Supporter Beaten Up at Rally “Check your facts, folks. This is an actress named Samara Weaving from #AshVsEvilDead. This is a make-up test. Sad,” Campbell wrote on Twitter Tuesday. Campbell stars on “Ash vs Evil Dead” on

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SEX AND THE SINGLE BRAIN CELL: Sexual Ethics & The Resulting Internal Dialogues

Spring Cleaning continues… The following is the third of a series of three columns that I wrote in the late 1980s for a little publication called “Air, Dirt & Ink” (ADI) that I produced and shared with family and friends. Yeah, I’ve been writing these sad tales for a very long time, and they seem to continue. Enjoy. Feb 1988 [ADI

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