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DailyRandomSh*t: “He Looked at Me Funny”

A quote from one of my kindergarten classes or Huckabee-Sanders explaining the last press-briefing kerfuffle? So the Reality-TV “president,” who is 100% dependent on being the constant first story in the 24-hour news cycle, has another plan to control the press… Wait for it… New rules of conduct for journalists covering the White House! New Rules?! If “civility” becomes part

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The Newspaper Business in the Age of Digital Media, Part 1

Old newspaper by ShironekoEuro (some rights reserved)

Who still reads the local newspaper or any newspaper for news these days? I recently saw an ad for a position at the local alternative paper looking for a digital content coordinator, essentially to help the paper “develop and define the publication’s digital presence across a variety of platforms.” In the early 1990s I interned as a Fact-Checker for the

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Where Do You Get Your News?

Hey Online Friends, I’m doing an informal survey about where we’re getting our news these days. I’m looking at re-engaging my former journalism-ways, but want to take the pulse of my social network friends on where you get your news. Thanks in advance. How often do you read a newspaper? A. Daily/Paper B. Daily/electronic (web/ipad/kindle) C. Weekly (Sundays)/paper D. Weekly (Sundays)/electronic

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TWIT Drops Anchor

The Tech Journalism landscape is covered with partisans and homers. It isn’t very often when one comes about with the trusted demeanor of one of the stallworths of the golden age of broadcast journalism. Too often would-be news presenters take shortcuts in their reporting and confuse strong personalities with good journalism. It’s like everyone wants to be Rush Limbaugh. When

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Mistakes Were Made: On Camera [video fridays]

As the painfully extended “Mistakes Were Made” week concludes I’d like to recognize those men and women who often have put themselves in harms way to bring us the news and chief among them, those who have “flubbed” their lines and shown their human side. Enjoy. Second collection of bloopers… This last one is a collection of TV show bloopers…

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Mistakes Were Made: Journalism Still Faltering Making “Digital” Work

The dream that the iPad and assorted Android tablets were going to save the magazine and newspaper business is dead, according to stories published last week by the Verge and Gigaom. Both publications pointed to an article by Jason Pontin posted in MIT’s Technology Review that cited all of the horrors and unfulfilled expectations that was TR’s failed attempt to

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