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Microsoft’s Courier Tablet – Raised From the Dead… Kind’a

Somehow this seems fitting at this time of year that a darling visionary product from the pre-iPad era, called the Courier Tablet, that Microsoft then killed after the iPad announcement, is back. Well, not the actual device, but two apps that mimic some of the proposed Couriers’ functionality: Paper by 53 Studios and Tapose. For those who may not remember,

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What’s In a Model Number – Does It Help or Confuse?

Happy iPad delivery day! The following is for those making a big deal about the new iPad losing it’s number designation. How many of you have gone shopping for electronics thinking that you knew what you wanted only to be confounded by the naming/numbering nomenclature of the different manufacturers who often sell the same model device under different names depending

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How the iPad will change education by Nick La Fountain

After the original iPad was released (back in 2010), one of my students wrote the following blog post about how the iPad will change education.  How will the iPad change education? By Nick La Fountain There has been a lot of talk around my campus about becoming a 1:1 school. In this vision we imagine each student owning a mobile

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Sometimes What’s Broke in Education Can’t Be Fixed by Tech, Part 2: What Steve Jobs Said

Just before Apple announced it’s e-textbook/education event in late January, 9to5mac ran an article that harkened back to a 1996 Wired Magazine interview during which Steve Jobs famously said, “What’s wrong with education cannot be fixed with technology.” Funny thing for someone to say who, in later years, was proud of the connection of this companies (Apple and NeXT) with education. In

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