Is Cyber-Monday Still A Thing?

I don’t know if you’re more motivated to shop because of all the noise on TV and made by annoying friends with blogs (sorry about that)… but I know that I have to stop myself sometimes because there are things that I’ve been thinking of getting for myself or as gifts that I put put off that suddenly becomes very important this time of year. Consumerism … Continue reading Is Cyber-Monday Still A Thing?

Helpin’ a Brother Out

Recent events have reminded me of the John Lennon quote, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” I came out to Florida in 2008 because it was an opportunity to put all the things I’d learned at that point into practice and to step up my potential teaching influence. Now I’ve been given another opportunity to consider where next to share this … Continue reading Helpin’ a Brother Out

How I Spent My Winter Break & Why Godaddy Isn’t My Blog Host

And no this has nothing to do with SOPA… yet. We’ve been on the run since Friday… Woe, that was two weeks ago. Man, time flies… Christmas eve-eve I was busy working on Tricia’s video, using my blog-woes as a cover story. Alas, the blog woes was more than a convenient cover-story (see below). Friday, last day at work, Tricia had gone back to her place to do all the thousands of things the holidays seems to require of all mothers. Saturday, Xmas eve, was spent outside Tampa with Tricia’s older brother, Mike. I got some NFL in on that day. Then Sunday, Christmas Day, was spent at Tricia’s with her mom, son and granddaughter. It was unhurried and very comfortable. It was perfect.

So around Wednesday, the last week of the break, Tricia asked me what did I want to do with my Christmas break. Was I thinking of going anywhere or doing anything special? Number one, I wouldn’t think about going anywhere without including her and number two, there was only half a week left of my break. So, after a brief pause I told her that I was already doing it. She looked at me, puzzled. I’d spent my days mostly on the computer, laboriously updating hundreds of feature images in my blog after the move to my new blog host and chasing down other bloggy stuff. Hmmm. That was the short, mostly painless version. I really did enjoy having the time to do all of this silly bloggy stuff. But the real story goes back to Thanksgiving week when I began to investigate upgrading my Godaddy hosted blog(s)… Here’s the long painful rendition… Continue reading “How I Spent My Winter Break & Why Godaddy Isn’t My Blog Host”

I’ll Have a Right-Upper-Cut w/ My Turkey Drumstick

The Thanksgiving holiday is a family thing. In years past, with one notable exception I’ve never suffered from a lack of having family to spend the afternoon/evening with. I’ve been fortunate that way. Having a “significant other” has been an entirely different story. Given that I’m now a several hundred miles from family and the significant other issue… well, I’m going no where near that … Continue reading I’ll Have a Right-Upper-Cut w/ My Turkey Drumstick