TWiT Reflection into the New Decade

I’ve been watching Leo since the early ZD-TV days. It feels like it was early Internet, but it really wasn’t. Here was a guy and a show that was part of this tech world that I was a part of, that no one else understood. So for their last podcast for 2009, TWiT 228, they […]


Intellectualism and conservative religion

Is there a fundamental conflict for someone to be an intellectual and a believer in conservative religion? The recent Bill Maher film, Religulous, would have one believe that most people surrender their minds when they surrender their hearts to religion. Having attended four private Christian universities my impression has been that there are very smart […]


Streaming NASA.TV

I love this stuff. I wanted to put a streaming viewer of the ongoing Endeavor mission on my blog and remembered that a video podcaster was doing this via Ustream. I’d used this source last Spring when I watched the landing of the Mars Phoenix lander. Funny that there was nothing available directly from NASA […]