Tools to Fix Broken Audio Port

Dealing with Broken Tech-Ed Stuff (Again)

As I’ve said before, nothing tests the reliability and toughness of equipment (and people) like being subjected to the daily use by 4- to 11-year-olds. It gives new (literal) meaning to the words “wear and tear.” Thus, my hearty group of learners have vanquished with almost no effort over a dozen styluses that were designed to be used by the military. More recently they have … Continue reading Dealing with Broken Tech-Ed Stuff (Again)

Google Glass and the Rainbow Unicorn that is Mobile/Virtual UI

Google Project Glass/the Verge (top), serial experiments: Lain/Geneon Ent.

Google’s done it again, taken a nascent technology and made it news. Silicon Valley gadget-cheerleader, Robert Scoble spotted Google founder, Sergey Brin, wearing the pictured device (right-top) at a Silicon Valley event. Scoble reportedthat he saw a light being emitted from the device, but Brin declined letting Scoble dawn the glasses himself, so the unit’s functionality could not be confirmed. When asked when the gadget might be available Brin said give them some time, and that it was mostly just rebooting for this field test. And like that everyone who covers the tech space (including several of my blogging friends) had to comment on what this might mean.

Well, one thing that it might mean is that all the speculation about Apple doing a seven-inch iPad and Samsung’s popular five-inch fablet suddenly becomes silly and passé. Really. We’ve been trying to dance around the limitations of how small and portable we can make our devices because we need screens that are big enough to give us meaningful information without any fuss and input methods that do what keyboards do without the bulk. Oh, and it has to NOT be as geeky looking as the virtual-reality-walker (pictured right-below Brin) with the welders-glasses/headphones combo and giant backpack filled with antennas and batteries to connect and power the thing.Yeah, that’ll never fly.

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Calendar Conundrum

I began the year posting the following message on my white board:

“Creativity isn’t a limited resource, but time is. Use it wisely in 2012.” jbb

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time lately trying to straighten out my calendaring system the last few weeks (pun intended). I had the brilliant idea that my girlfriend and I should share the same calendar to more easily plan out our weeks. I have my stuff on a MobileMe/iCloud account and a school/work calendar on Google calendar and she didn’t have either. Because we’d recently moved her to a gmail account it seemed pretty natural for us to create a shared calendar on google calendar. That worked, well, except for the part where she tends to create events and forgets if she’s posted them to her google account or our shared account. The thing is that this is still more complicated than it needs to be.

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Adios 2011 [videos]

So 2011 comes to an end… and with it all of the “best of” podcasts and “top 10 of 2011” videos (the online world’s version of “reruns” during the Christmas break). The following two videos by Google and Jib-Jab express the meaningful and silliness that was 2011. Enjoy (and the third video which is my gift to my special 2011 surprise…). xoxo, jbb Continue reading “Adios 2011 [videos]”

Microsoft’s “Gmail Man” Spoof Video Continues FUD

So, apparently Microsoft still thinks that it can do comedy. Yeah, I guess they didn’t learn anything after spending millions on the Sienfeld/Gates commercials. Worse than just not really being funny is that the issues raised in this video are complete FUD. Again, Microsoft is misrepresenting the point, in that anyone who uses any email product should know that unless they are applying encryption to … Continue reading Microsoft’s “Gmail Man” Spoof Video Continues FUD

iPad Encounter

I finally got a chance to spend some time at a couple local Apple Stores to handle an iPad. I don’t mean to be so Zen about it, but given all of the noise from the fan boys and haters, Reality is not either good or bad, Reality is just reality. Case in point, my first thought was that the iPad was much heavier than I first expected. The fan boys might look at that and say that this is because the iPad is so solidly constructed and mostly battery (to support the 10-hour run time!). The haters might say, it’s just too heavy. I have to say that it is difficult to hold it with one hand for any extended period. But then it isn’t any heavier than your basic hardcover book.

Next surprise I encountered during my maiden voyage to iPad-land was that when I pulled up my blog on the iPad all of the videos worked. Cool. Then when I went to my course blog none of the videos worked. Not cool. So YouTube works but Viddler doesn’t? A few weeks ago I checked out the HTML5 beta on YouTube but I don’t think that changed anything. I’m guessing that YouTube has the horsepower to detect that you are browsing on an iPad and transcode the feed so that it streams video that’s playable on the iPad (and iPhone). Viddler on the iPad I didn’t even get the broken media lego block. Fail. I might have to move my course videos back to YouTube. Ack. I was checking out because their pro-account offers an encoding option that’s iPhone-friendly. More research on this is is going to be needed.

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