A Month of Rainy Afternoons

I recently had my one month anniversary of my move to Florida. First thing that I learned was that it rains every afternoon/evening at this time of year. Being from Southern California I feel like I need to explain what I mean by the phrase “it rains every afternoon/evening.” Let’s just say that one single […]


Neva – Acoustic Video

I can’t believe that it’s been six weeks since I last saw Neva. Damn. I miss her and the friends at Taco Beach. I hope that they’re doing well. The whole thing inspires me to find my own voice and share the gifts God’s given me. Hopeful. jbb Music: The Things I’ll Never Be– by […]


Life Back to Normal

World is back 2 normal: watching GB v. NYG @ Taco Beach – only women here are employed by TB. Life is weird that way. # So, NYG squeaked one on GB, Pats plane will have to go down for them to lose the SB. yawn. GB v. Pats would have been a better game. […]