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Fan Shaming Be Damned

Daily Random Shit for 2016-04-01: Fan Shaming Be Damned A female friend posted this article, saying that most of her male friends aren’t even into sports… That popped a balloon for me…   My response: Stereotypes be damned, shaming someone who prefers sports versus foreign films be damned. They’re not mutually exclusive. There’s room for everyone and I don’t have

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Incomplete Beings [short story group]

Intro: This week my short story group assignment was to write about a “real life” incident, so I re-edited a previous reflection from when I was beginning treatment for what would later be diagnosed as CIPD. Enjoy(?) April 13, 2012 8PM – Waiting for my MRI for a possible pinched nerve that’s interrupted my life and my sleep for over

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Up in the Air and Life Choices

Just saw “Up in the Air,” and don’t know if I should be depressed or not. Ryan Bingham, played by George Clooney, is the quintessential road-warrior, who spends over 300-days a year business traveling and he loves it. He’s a firing expert who works for a firm that gets called in when it’s time for lay-offs. The job isn’t “fun”

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Am I Lazy, Overly Cautious or Just Picky?

Peteca toma seu banho by elbragon

Coming back from a presentation I commented on this beautiful park and lake we were driving past. A buddy in the car said that the park was also a great place to meet girls and offered to loan me one of his dogs ’cause “girls love dogs.” I just thought that the park was a pretty. Then Brother Matt mentioned

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Consultancy: Bringing a Beautiful Voice into Internet View

Over a year ago I wrote about my friend Neva: I wasn’t living in Long Beach when Melissa Etheridge made her breakthrough playing locally at a club called Que Sera on 7th Street (funny that her wikipedia article doesn’t mention Que Sera), but every time I come out and watch Neva I think I’m seeing the beginning of the same

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Let’s Be Friends… For Now

emotional cutout

I visited my e-Harmony profile today. It’s been awhile. With Pepperdine fading into a confusing memory and things beginning to settle down on the house-front, I feel okay about re-investing some time on the social side of things. Today I also took a survey on my satisfaction with the e-Harmony service. I’ve been on the service since January 2006. I’ve

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Electronic kisses

It was Valentine’s weekend for some. For me it was just another weekend spent grading student blogs. But after reading an article in the UK’s Telegraph online newspaper titled, “Valentine’s Day: Technology is killing romance,” one of my students wrote a blog entry weighing the article’s premise that, because of technology, people don’t write love poems or letters to each

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