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Diving into the Past without Drowning: Day Trip to Laguna Beach (1973)

Diving into the Past without Drowning: Day Trip to Laguna Beach (1973) Original 8mm Film by Joe Bustillos Edited by Joe Bustillos & Random Chance Music by Smartsound Music, “Visions 22K” Filmed on location in Laguna Canyon & Laguna Beach CA in 1973 Featuring Lynn Tschirgi & cute white puppy I just spent the last hour watching an 8mm film

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Not Missing the Piece

I've Been Tagged! 10 Things About Me by Nicki Varkevisser

After having a casual conversation with an attractive coworker, I pondered the puzzle of having such amazing friends but my apparent inability to have someone special in my life. Being a bit older I quickly brushed past the comedy that is having sex, and thought about all the other parts of what it means to share a life with someone.

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Incomplete Beings [short story group]

Intro: This week my short story group assignment was to write about a “real life” incident, so I re-edited a previous reflection from when I was beginning treatment for what would later be diagnosed as CIPD. Enjoy(?) April 13, 2012 8PM – Waiting for my MRI for a possible pinched nerve that’s interrupted my life and my sleep for over

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Relationships in The Innocent Age

I love this subway commercial. The boy’s “this is too good to be true,” reaction when the beautiful girl asks him if he wants her to be his girlfriend and then the disappointment when he realized it’s just a rouse to steal his lunch is priceless. Ain’t life grand. Reflecting some of that innocent realization, I had a wonderful conversation

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The Curse of Signs I’d Ignored

I’ve written about this before. I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse. I decided to tackle the pile of papers I’d shoved into my bookshelf and put them into a hanging folder organizer. Of course the papers where print-outs of my online journal from 2003 to 2006, and I couldn’t file the papers without reading through a

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Two Concert Tickets and No Date

So I’m in the unfortunate position of having tickets to a concert coming up this Thursday and having no date. Sigh. You’d think that I would have learned years ago to not buy tickets given the less than stable conditions of my former relationship. But then one has to buy the things months in advance so it’s a crap-shot and

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