Rock Band 3: This Time You Learn to Play Music

Rhythm game inches ever closer to ruining the game by making all your hours of playing result in the practical skill of actually learning how to play the musical instruments… First they made fans look silly playing miniature plastic instruments and now all of this might result in actually learning how to play music. Talk […]


Pixel – A Pixel Art Documentary

In the early the early days of TV the promise of this new medium was how it would benefit culture, offering notions that one day we would all attend college lectures on TV. Not so much. Similar notions were advanced as the Internet came to be. As I watched the above video I caught a […]


Home Rig for Grading SL Presentations

Geek moment, Full Sail students were doing presentations in Second Life and I thought that I’d take a picture of my rig. On the right is my macbook pro with my two chat clients running on the extreme right and Second Life running on the rest of the screen. The laptop is connected to my […]