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End of Week10: Robots, Finishing “Documenting Your Journey” etc.


End of Week10: Robots, Finishing “Documenting Your Journey” etc. It should be a sign that I’m already two days into week 11 before I’ve been able to post this to my blog. Ack. So, except for the holidays and sick days that knocked the program off the “plan,” for week 10 I needed to diverge the different grade levels from

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It's the first week of a new school term and this month, besides my regular group of month three students, I have a large group of month one students who are really beginning to feel the pressures of what a year-long online masters program may entail. This is especially true after last night's first assignment deadline and several worried that

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The Frustrated Confessions of a former Tele-Commuter

The recent kerfuffle about TWiT.tv letting go of news anchor Tom Merritt resurfaced the conversation about whether teams can really work together when some team members work remotely. Turns out that it may have been more a contract issue than an “in the office” issue, but it still is a thing that even high tech companies have prejudices connected to

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Too Much Information: The Value of Organized Education in the Era of Everything on the Internet

In June of 2008, when I first began working at Full Sail, I ran across an article about a Texas professor who decided to make his whole course available online because he believed that just having access to the course materials was not nearly as important as access to the professor or the learning community. I copied the link down,

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Passion Is What Gets You Through the Fear by Drew Fulton

Soon-to-be EMDT Graduate and freelance photographer, Drew Fulton wrote the following blog post as a reflection on our course reading, The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. Passion Is What Gets You Through the Fear by Drew Fulton My favorite part of this week’s reading from The Art of Possibility was the 8th practice, “Giving Way

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Re: Film Copyright Laws

We get some wonderful questions from our amazingly talented students: I need some help. My CBR Project, Phase I, will be underway quickly; it involves my students composing music and putting it to a silent film. However, I know that most silent films are black and white and they are fairly old. However, I don’t know if there are copyright

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