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10 Day Life is Good Photo Challenge Recap


10 Day Life is Good Photo Challenge Recap Now that I’ve finished the 10-Day Life is Good challenge, I want to share the thoughts behind my image and video choices. Day 1. I was nominated for the 10 day Life is Good photo challenge. 10 photos, 10 nominations. Every day I share an image that is meaningful to me (without

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The Unfortunate Consequence of Ignoring Small Group & Classroom Dynamics

My girlfriend, Maggie, and I were talking about optimal class sizes, me from my 19-years as an educator and she from her experiences as a lifelong student and being around her kids’ schools. When I taught in face-to-face environments with elementary and middle school students in Southern California, 25 to 30 students was a pretty good number to work with,

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It's the first week of a new school term and this month, besides my regular group of month three students, I have a large group of month one students who are really beginning to feel the pressures of what a year-long online masters program may entail. This is especially true after last night's first assignment deadline and several worried that

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Video Fridays: Drawn Out Stories: A Stormy Black Eyed Peas Concert in Brazil

I don’t know about you but the worse touring story that I can think of was one time when I was touring Colorado and I completely misjudged how long it would take me to drive from Este Park to Colorado Springs for a Saturday evening concert I was scheduled to do at a tiny little Calvary Chapel. By the time

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Mobile Tech Invasion – Fullsail Continuing Ed Presentation

Above is an embedded player version of the presentation slides. If you go fullscreen with the player you have the option to open the speaker’s notes (under the Actions menu below the slides). You can also open the presentation slides in it’s own browser window by clicking here Please leave a comment below with your name (contact info will be

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