My Videos on YouTube

While up with my Pepperdine Friends I decided to move my video archive onto the YouTube website. At the moment I’ve only uploaded two videos but eventually I’ll upload the whole archive and put a link to the whole catalogue on the nav bar on the right of this blog… But for the moment feel […]


Sleeping on the Couch

Usually that means that “someone” screwed up. Well, the jury’s still out, but my most recent experience couch riding for a night was because I was slumming with my cadre X friends at Pepperdine’s Malibu campus. I got amazingly very little sleep considering that it’s only been probably less than a year since I’ve been […]


First Run of the 5K Season

Memorial Day was the first “run” of the 5K Season… well, at least for me. I really need to remember to turn my camera on the crowd before the beginning of the race. I think I recorded a short movie of one race in Orange County last season, the energy at the beginning of a […]