Loneliness If you are an adult and experience loneliness, society seems to be saying that you’re doing it wrong. Yeah. I have known no greater depth of loneliness than at one point in my marriage when my wife & I just weren’t communicating and much later when I was desperately in love and my lover had retreated to another bedroom in her huge house. And … Continue reading Loneliness

2nd T-Day Gathering & I’m on the Couch

My brother’s couch, Mission Viejo, CA. It’s almost midnight, my brother’s family have all gone off to sleep and I’m watching the end of “Titanic” on TBS. I don’t even remember the last time I spent the night here. This year has been a blur. Today was my family’s second Thanksgiving gathering. Besides the “normal” T-Day fare, we had a little beer-fest with a pretty … Continue reading 2nd T-Day Gathering & I’m on the Couch