Et tu, WordPress?

I decided to go to the local WordPress holiday party. Nice people, great snacks and beer, love the Exchange Building where it was hosted. Most of the attendees of these events are either developers or run WordPress related-businesses. I’m neither. I’m a writer who inconsistently blogs. As if I wasn’t feeling a little odd-man-out enough a fellow said hi, asked me what I do and … Continue reading Et tu, WordPress?

Blogging Isn’t Supposed to be This Hard

I haven’t been blogging for months… which would be obvious to anyone paying attention. So imagine my frustration because I decided as my first project to begin working on creating a photography blog site and after almost a week of work am still trying to figure out why nothing works. I’d been thinking about this for some time and looked at WordPress themes months and … Continue reading Blogging Isn’t Supposed to be This Hard

Treatments Begin

Day One Done The IV has been unplugged, a little sock put on my hand to protect it over-night and the nurse has left for the day. Well, I survived that one with a lot of hand holding by Tricia and support from her family (and all my friends reading this and sending your well-wishes). So far no side effects, no additional discomfort and not … Continue reading Treatments Begin

More Than a Pinched Nerve

I’ve been wondering how to tell this tale without my usually overly long narrative. I don’t know that there’s a way to do this without getting into to much detail. Apologies to those who may have heard bits of this story already… I do tend to tell my stories beginning with the history lesson aspect to it. Sorry… Let me break that pattern by saying … Continue reading More Than a Pinched Nerve

Many Thanks Indeed 2011 – Reissued

Originally posted 11/25/2011 This time last year I was spending a conspiratorial week traveling from Orlando to Southern California and then up to Northern California and back with my brother and his bride-to-be to do their wedding. It was meant to be in secret for reasons that escape me at the moment but the plot had been uncovered by older sister Kathie earlier in November, … Continue reading Many Thanks Indeed 2011 – Reissued

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Why do we do what we do? Some might respond that asking such questions is a typical first-world problem, that it’s the modern equivalent to trying to figure out how many angels can dance on the head because with so many people going hungry in the world and in our own country, how dare we waste time entertaining such things as “motivation.” It should be pretty damn clear that we do what we do so that we can feed ourselves and our families and keep out the dangers of the outer world. It’s all about higher and higher levels of survival. Once you have enough bread for the day, then you need to make sure that you have enough bread for the week and then once you have that you need to make sure that you never go without having enough bread. But can one ever have enough bread?

Continue reading “Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us”


Emdt student Kevin Hayes created this video with the catch phrase: “If what you learn doesn’t change what you do, then why you learnin’ it?” Kevin is a very committed believer and has shared the connection he feels between his beliefs and his actions. There’s something amazingly simple and powerful in this. And in his video he illustrates it so well with the example, if … Continue reading Change/Follows/Learning

Peteca toma seu banho by elbragon

Am I Lazy, Overly Cautious or Just Picky?

Coming back from a presentation I commented on this beautiful park and lake we were driving past. A buddy in the car said that the park was also a great place to meet girls and offered to loan me one of his dogs ’cause “girls love dogs.” I just thought that the park was a pretty. Then Brother Matt mentioned during his recent Florida visit … Continue reading Am I Lazy, Overly Cautious or Just Picky?