Before and After

What else can you do when you get kicked out of a doctoral program? Of course, cut your hair. It was time. Life throws you a curveball, you throw one back. 🙂 and it’ll make my mom happy (something one can never underestimate if one wants to be successful in life!)


Sound of Doors Closing

It’s been an amazing year. A year ago February I decided to accept the challenge of moving across country to step from the safety a public school teaching job to try something new: teaching a masters level course at a new online program in Florida. I looked at my life in Southern California, having no […]


No Web 2.0 Friends

The week began with me catching some playful hell for twittering while I was supposed to be “judging” my friends’ game of Trivial Pursuit. I only volunteered to “judge” because I was the fifth wheel and preferred drinking my beer, watching the traffic go by and offering an occasional opinion than committing to the game. […]