In Good Faith/In Bad Faith – Easter 2018

In Good Faith is about the promises we make and the promises that are made to us. And “In Bad Faith” is the reality that it’s always more complicated than promised. How far off things are from the promises matters, and this needs to be addressed (thus this blog). For example, mom wants me to be in church this Easter Sunday. Being back in Las … Continue reading In Good Faith/In Bad Faith – Easter 2018

No Bored Mexican Kids

Sometimes You Just Need to Wear Your Cowboy Hat

I was very disappointed that I couldn’t get mom’s Echo Show to work and surprised to discover that I couldn’t call her using the Alexa app on my iPad. That it only works from my iPhone. Damn. Very disappointed. After several attempts we resorted to just talking over the phone. Damn. But in the rambling conversation she said something about how when she babysat the … Continue reading Sometimes You Just Need to Wear Your Cowboy Hat

“Congress,” in Theory…

DailyRandomShit for 2016-06-24 This one is embarrassing. First is the racist comment made by my relative, as if my working class relative is going to school our constitutional law professor president, alluding to the only job the president is qualified for requires a shoe-shine box. Obviously, I do not come from an evenly educated family tree. The second is that Speaker Ryan should have put … Continue reading “Congress,” in Theory…

Blog Action Day: Inequity and The Opportunity to Learn

My mom and dad grew up in the post-World War II boon when they really believed that you could achieve anything that you worked hard at. They grew up in San Gabriel, CA, where the joke was that everyone was related to one another and it was understood which side of the railroad tracks, which ran directly behind my grandparents’ houses, one should stay on. … Continue reading Blog Action Day: Inequity and The Opportunity to Learn

Mentoring and Learning the Wrong Lessons

From my Masters studies at Pepperdine University, comes this tidbit of my own mentor-deficient journey. Spring. 2002 I can’t believe how my brother betrayed me. There he was, just rambling on, completely oblivious to the betrayal. I can’t believe he’d forgotten the vows we’d made during those numberless sweaty Saturdays out in the backyard under the heartless afternoon sun as our father rained down on … Continue reading Mentoring and Learning the Wrong Lessons

June 30th

Today would have been my older sister, Kathie’s, 60… something birthday. The number isn’t important, except that the number stopped last December. I thought about her this morning when I was getting in my walking. We were on a parallel course the last few years with a similar illness robbing both of us the use of our legs. I got treatment within the first few … Continue reading June 30th

Trying to Remember What’s My Mission?

I’ve been back from California for a few weeks, dove right back into work, getting out of the house and keeping tabs on my health. Today actually marked the first time since my illness that I did what I said I would do when I began treatment in September of 2012, that in a year’s time I’d do a 5K. I’m a few month overdue … Continue reading Trying to Remember What’s My Mission?