Sonic Support – Bent Earbuds

Daily Random Shit for 2016-04-23: Bent Earbuds You never know important something is until it stops working properly. And I just realized that this is the second time in the past year that my earbuds seem to be cutting-out or launching Siri randomly or going into double-speed of the podcast I’m listening to. I’m guessing […]


Job Application Fail

Filling out another job app, which then asks for every job training course I’ve ever taken. This is going to take awhile… 😦 Can’t I just publish this list on a page and share the link?! What’s the point of uploading the resume and then filling it in, one field at a time! Ugh.  


Et tu, WordPress?

I decided to go to the local WordPress holiday party. Nice people, great snacks and beer, love the Exchange Building where it was hosted. Most of the attendees of these events are either developers or run WordPress related-businesses. I’m neither. I’m a writer who inconsistently blogs. As if I wasn’t feeling a little odd-man-out enough […]