DailyRandomSh*t: “He Looked at Me Funny”

DailyRandomSh*t: “He Looked at Me Funny”

A quote from one of my kindergarten classes or Huckabee-Sanders explaining the last press-briefing kerfuffle? So the Reality-TV “president,” who is 100% dependent on being the constant first story in the 24-hour news cycle, has another plan to control the press… Wait for it… New rules of conduct for journalists covering the White House!

New Rules?! If “civility” becomes part of the new rules, how long before Cadet Bone Spurs get kicked out for name calling and his bad behavior? He claims to be everyone’s president, but only want to talk to those who like him or agree with him… that’s not how it works, kids. Time to turn off the sound and let “his base” stew in their own juices of nastiness. #Watch45WithTheSoundOff #ItIsWhatHeDoesNotWhatHeSays #ItIsNotNewsIfItIsTheSameOldLies #ContinueToResist


This Show Must Not Go On

This Show Must Not Go On

Word have consequences and silence has meaning. We are better than what we have allowed or conspired to happen in our nation. If you are angered at that idea, screaming, “I didn’t do anything!” then you’ve proven my point. The hate driven divisive behavior from the “top” of our national culture needs to stop, like this newspaper, and work toward solutions that communicate our best behaviors and real humanity. This whole “show” needs to be cancelled, no more three ring circus with “dozens of enemies” being targeted.

EPA, Education, Unions, Teachers, CDC, Climate Science, gun laws, women’s reproductive rights, an independent justice system, immigration and human rights… you can barely keep your staff running without members quitting, getting fired or ending up under indictment and yet you find the means to poke holes and attempt to dismantle all of these organizations. We see what you’re doing. You’re starting so many fires that you’re hoping no one will notice your self-serving deals and contempt towards decency. All of this needs to stop. Now. We’re not going to fall for your highly produced reality-TV government.

Up until the recently undocumented immigration was down, crimes committed by undocumented immigrants is a tiny percentage of crimes committed in this country. But you’ve decided to make it this season’s theme, spend millions, possibly billions on your big solution, ignoring the fact that not everyone is driving or walking over the southern border, and that criminalizing human migration is a violation of fundamental human rights. How exactly did your grandfather or your wife become American citizens? Would they have ended up handcuffed and in cages if they attempted the move today?

You don’t care about this issue. It’s all a big show. It’s a big show of your own making… there are other ways to deal with these people wanting to come and work in our country, other than handcuffs and state sponsored shredding of families. People are dying or being irreparably damaged because of your show. It needs to stop. Now. We see what you’re doing. We see what you’re doing and it needs to stop. We know you don’t care and like most reality-TV, everything you do promotes the worst in humanity and your big show needs to be canceled. Words have consequence and Silence, the silencing of your big show, will have meaning.

In Good Faith/In Bad Faith – Easter 2018


In Good Faith is about the promises we make and the promises that are made to us. And “In Bad Faith” is the reality that it’s always more complicated than promised. How far off things are from the promises matters, and this needs to be addressed (thus this blog). For example, mom wants me to be in church this Easter Sunday. Being back in Las Vegas after a short SoCal visit this past week, she’s not really in a place to see that I’m in church. I told her that I would be spending Sunday morning with friends. I didn’t tell her that it was my non-believer friends at Sunday Assembly. Either way, she worries that I’m not going to do “the right thing,” which begins with going to church and probably ends with me marrying a nice Latina Catholic (who has never married and is very traditional).

Yeah, I’m spending Easter Sunday with my tribe, my community, so I won’t be alone, but I’m afraid I won’t be fulfilling my mother’s other wishes any time soon. This isn’t some hopelessly delayed teenage-rebellion but an attempt at carefully respecting my mom’s traditions and being my own person (which was also part of what she taught me). At the same time, I have to be honest that for whatever reason this time of year has always been important to me.

I have memories from my teenage years during this time of year reading Michener’s “The Source” and some modern Catholic version of Genesis and being entirely confused from the experience. My “conversion” from traditional Catholic to Jesus-freak happened when I was 15 around this time of year. Over the next 15-years I took my faith to Loyola Marymount as a Religious Studies major and studied with the Jesuits than got my Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies at Biola University and then started a Master’s program in Theology at Fuller Seminary. All of which got derailed when I got divorced (around Easter time) in 1987. Everything I believed in got derailed.

I spent the next 15-years making my way in the world without my Christian heritage. I didn’t do the angry-with-god thing because I’d already spent that energy when I converted from Catholicism and saw a lot of that from former-Catholics at Biola University. But I was in uncharted territory for me. At the time there weren’t any “unbeliever” groups and I noted that something was missing in my life. I don’t doubt that I would have stayed on that unbelieving trajectory if I hadn’t fallen passionately in love in 2001 with a married college sweetheart and some how that affair translated into renewed devotion to my Christian roots. Yeah, I don’t do anything normal.

During that extended period of insanity, I fully plugged into my Biblical roots and was absolutely amazed at all of the computer tools that had emerged in the years when I’d walked away from my faith. Sadly, all these years later after that madness ended the only thing that remains from those years of self-torture (being in love with someone who couldn’t or wouldn’t return the favor), is that I still get emails from the Bible-study software vendors with whom I’ve invested hundreds of dollars. And I’m tempted to update said Biblical studies software because there’s a part of me that still loves the study for meaning and for that part of our shared human history.

So, this time of year means a lot to me. For the things I’ve gained, for the things I’ve lost and for trying to balance the good with the bad and trying to maintain my sanity in the midst of my loneliness and recognition of the importance of community, I endeavor to renew my move into a better future. As I said a few years ago, to my Christian friends, Happy Easter and to the rest of us, enjoy all the chocolate.

Daily Random Sh*t: The Cost of Being Self-Aware in this “Donald Moment”

1098-CorrinCampbell” by U.S. Army, https://flic.kr/p/8pqUYz

Daily Random Sh*t: The Cost of Being Self-Aware in this Donald Moment

A friend lamented:
I wake up every day feeling like an unredeemable pile of sub-human garbage knowing that nothing I can do will ever change it… meanwhile.. we got a guy who can barely form coherent sentences claiming to be a genuis. Thinking he’s great when his words and actions point to him being a horrible human being.. I am not sure if I am jealous or feel sorry for him.

Amid all the supportive responses, I posted:

Yeah, actually being self-aware can be a bitch… but given how many real friends you have who really appreciate you, that is much better than living in a delusional cloud. I want to experience the real highs in life, I’ve got to risk also experiencing the lows. Alas, the giant-comb-over is one of our shared lows which we all are working toward seeing a quick exit from our shared lives. Who knew that one asshole could set so many of us on a path of discovery and self awareness. Be well, my friend, we’re in this together.

Image: “1098-CorrinCampbell” by U.S. Army, https://flic.kr/p/8pqUYz

Daily Random Sh*t: No More

Daily Random Shit: No More

Washington Post article carried one story from the shooting (https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/two-strangers-bond-over-country-music-and-beer-then-the-shots-started/2017/10/03/d5d4541a-a846-11e7-b3aa-c0e2e1d41e38_story.html)

Sad. We can make this better, but it won’t be simple and we cannot let those who shout the loudest “win.” What should have led to friendship and connection was brutally killed by a sniper’s bullet and some are going to say that they cannot do anything to stop such things from happening… That’s not leadership. That’s not protecting the citizenry. That’s fear and divisive politics. No more. In a modern American city no one should be able to arm themselves like this is a war zone, any more than all of us driving cars and truck, which are capable of causing death, should be free to drive in any way that endangers anyone. Figure this out or get out of the way for others able to see beyond their political fears. No more.

Remembering Why I Quit Windows Eight Years Ago

MS Windows Upgrade

MS Windows Upgrade

DailyRandomShit for 2016-07-30 Remembering Why I Quit Windows Eight Years Ago

I tried to upgrade my copy of Windows ahead of the end of the free offer and failed horribly. I had a copy of Windows running using VMware Fusion on my 2012 MacBook Pro. I had an OEM copy of Windows 7 previously installed, but it failed to run and wouldn’t install, leaving me with only XP running on the MacBook. It took forever to figure out that I had to install 7 to get to 10 and I flat out ran out of time. In the end I decided that my time was worth more, having already spent two evenings on the upgrade, than killing myself for a fucking free copy of an OS I haven’t used over the past 8 years (and haven’t missed!). Also, the hassle of the failed upgrades reminded me of how much more easy things are on the Apple side… basically how much is your time worth when you can lose so much time to get “simple things” done. FAIL.