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10 Day Life is Good Photo Challenge Recap


10 Day Life is Good Photo Challenge Recap Now that I’ve finished the 10-Day Life is Good challenge, I want to share the thoughts behind my image and video choices. Day 1. I was nominated for the 10 day Life is Good photo challenge. 10 photos, 10 nominations. Every day I share an image that is meaningful to me (without

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Tornado Encounter – Not Dummies

Daily Random Shit for 2016-03-21: Not Dummies My friend, Beaux, posted the following clip: Crazy. But then I saw this comment below the video & felt the need to respond: Justin W. Ford: Dummies Me: Wow. Nothing like having a mini-tornado drop on you. As for Justin’s “Dummies” comment, I’m sure this sort of thing never happens to smart people…

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When You’re a Stranger in a Strange Land

Daily Random Shit for 2016-02-01: When You’re a Stranger in a Strange Land I have a number of intelligent conservative friends who unapologetically vote Republican. I like that they have the freedom to choose, just like I do. But when I see this level of hate and scapegoating, I have to wonder what these friends, whom I respect, must think.

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Where Do You Get Your News?

Hey Online Friends, I’m doing an informal survey about where we’re getting our news these days. I’m looking at re-engaging my former journalism-ways, but want to take the pulse of my social network friends on where you get your news. Thanks in advance. How often do you read a newspaper? A. Daily/Paper B. Daily/electronic (web/ipad/kindle) C. Weekly (Sundays)/paper D. Weekly (Sundays)/electronic

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Is Blogging Dead?

The more cynical amongst us might chide that it was never really alive, but that doesn’t answer the question. I’ve been posting online for over a decade and have had my masters degree students post as part of their class work for almost five years and part of the problem with the question is understanding some of the gigantic misconceptions

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