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Daily Selfie App Didn’t Survive iPhone Upgrade, Time to Rethink Priorities

2018-11-17 EveryDay images

I’ve been using Everyday.app on my iPhones since April 2011, using it to grab a daily selfie that could be used to create time-elapse videos. This was something that I began, in part, because these videos disproved something that I was accused of many years ago, that I only published flattering photos of myself while not giving others the same

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Everyday 2011 Thru 2013

I’ve been using this app, Everyday, since May 2011 taking a single selfie and converting the collection of images to video. So, this video covers when I was ill in the summer and fall of 2012… Only thing I notice was the length of hair/haircuts and when the beard got a little long… Enjoy.

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Video Fridays: Remembering 2011, Part II

As I recently posted on twitter, I wasn’t entirely successful posting a photo a day on flickr (mostly because I take way too many photos that need some level of editing and insist on posting them in chronological order, etc., etc., etc.). But thanks to an iPhone app called Everyday I’ve been capturing an image of yours truly almost everyday

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