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Passion Is What Gets You Through the Fear by Drew Fulton

Soon-to-be EMDT Graduate and freelance photographer, Drew Fulton wrote the following blog post as a reflection on our course reading, The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. Passion Is What Gets You Through the Fear by Drew Fulton My favorite part of this week’s reading from The Art of Possibility was the 8th practice, “Giving Way

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Re: Film Copyright Laws

We get some wonderful questions from our amazingly talented students: I need some help. My CBR Project, Phase I, will be underway quickly; it involves my students composing music and putting it to a silent film. However, I know that most silent films are black and white and they are fairly old. However, I don’t know if there are copyright

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Lit Reviews Are Like Talk Shows

We’ve had more than a few confused and frustrated students have a difficult time with the process of putting together their Lit Review and all of the re-editing requests that come with the process. The following is my response to one student’s frustration: I appreciate your frustration and confusion at the requested changes. One thing that is “consistent” in academic

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Dr. Guido Reviews the iPad

David Pogue, Walt Mosspuppet and Andy Inhatko may have gotten pre-release versions of the Apple iPad, but their reviews aren’t nearly as complete or intelligent as the following iPad review by Full Sail emdt master’s student, “Dr. Guido”: Sources: MAC Week 1 Blog Post-Free Response iPad Review by mikeficara. http://mikeficara.wordpress.com/2010/04/12/mac-week-1-blog-post-free-response-ipad-review/ retrieved on 4/15/2010.

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FullSail Grads Comes Back & Grills Us on Web2 & Education

Nick Briscoe, Full Sail emdtms grad, talks with Dr. Deason, Dr. Ludgate and moi about Web 2.0 tools such as social networking and their use in education. This is the of Nick’s first episode of Educatium, which he’s created with fellow emdtms grads Paul Martin, Aletha Williams and Emily Wray. They can only get better from this beginning video podcast.

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“A” is for Ax Murderer

Another student take on Zander’s giving student’s an automatic “A”:   Grades in middle school are controversial, especially now that students earn credits to be promoted to the next grade level. Ask a teacher at my school to “give an ‘A’” and their response is likely to be one of confusion, disbelief, laughter, or even anger. Administrators will tell you

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