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Teaching Using Tech: Philosophy of Higher Education, Part 2

I’ve been filling out teaching/education-related job application and I was met with this little gem: Please describe your knowledge of pedagogy associated with various instructional modalities, i.e. face-­to-­face, hybrid, and online Having taught students from Kindergarten to eighth grade, freshmen bachelor’s and second career master’s students, the courses I’ve created must be simple to navigate, have numerous interdisciplinary connections and

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6 Levels Towards Virtual Worlds

I’ve been thinking about the decades old promises of virtual reality and how my graduate students have responded to their first experiences with Second Life and thought that an info-graphic break down of virtual reality might help us approach the subject with less anxiety or frustration. It really comes down to thinking of the ol’ “right tool for the right

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Ed Tech: Computer Labs versus Classroom Computers

Ed Tech: Computer Labs versus Classroom Computers It’s traditional that the showcase of any school with a halfway decent tech program is their computer lab. Go to any school site and if they want to show off their tech program they will invariably give you the VIP tour of all the great things they’re doing in their computer lab. But

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