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Year3-Week12: The Value of Pressure in Learning

2018-11-05 STEAMLab_wk12 pressure_12_steam-lab

The original idea was to post at the end of every week something with much more reflection and thoughtfulness than my previous daily social media posts that I had done over the past two-years. I was able to keep to that schedule for the first eight-weeks or so, but have faltered and failed since then.

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Year3-Week8: “Classroom Management”

The key to school/student/learning success is student engagement by 24-years experience in the classroom I should have known that “classroom management” could be a problem for me going all the way back to when I was doing observations/volunteer work as part of my teacher training program back in the early 1990s.

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The Danger of Getting What You Ask For

End of October, weather’s changing (kind’a), setting the clocks back this weekend and I’m spending another Friday night solo. Well, that’s not exactly what i was wishing for and that tends to highlight the contrast between where I want to be and where I seem to still be. Sorry, that’s too dark. I had a really great weekend with You-know-who

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