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Neglect Is A Subtle Form of Murder [short story]

“Dammit, don’t leave me sir!” The EMT pushed another dose of adrenaline into the unresponsive man. Jason instructed the other EMT to look for any clues about what they were dealing with, but without moving anything. A heavy musty smell filled the darkened bedroom like nothing had moved in the room for days if not longer. Jason prepared the prone

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Kats – Too Soon Gone But Ever Here

What is it about the holiday season that insists on compressing so much good and bad into the same moment? I couldn’t make it to California so when my siblings got together at mom’s place Saturday I arranged to video-chat with them. I was a little disappointed to find that older sister, Kathie, wasn’t in attendance. I was told that

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The Balcony is Closed: RIP Roger Ebert

Of late when a celebrity passes away I’ve found myself quietly counting my fingers and toes and wondering when my turn might come. Having reached an age where more than a few friends and family have shaken off their mortal coils, it’s not an altogether unreasonable question. And while my illness this past year thankfully never got to the stage

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Is the “Texting While Driving” PSA Too Graphic?

CNET’s Technically Incorrect blog, asked the question about whether makers of the following public service announcement (PSA) went too far depicting the dangers of texting while driving. If one views the video on a “surface” level, there’s nothing here that hasn’t been shown on most American televisions. My guess is that the uproar is this video presents its brief horrific

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Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty


This item crossed my consciousness via Twitter, thanks to the EdTech blog “willisays.” I love the serendipity of the web. Visiting the site, I see links to Publish, Donate & Promote. I’m not going to wait until October 15th to begin the conversation…

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