Kutiman – Thru You Too – No One In This World [video]

I first wrote about Kutiman back in 2009 when Patron-Musician-to-the-Geeks, Jonathan Coulton, posted in his blog about this musician/video-artist who had taken unrelated YouTube videos and created a series of six-tracks that was the best thing he’d heard/seen but was also completely impossible to sell because of all the possible copyright claims over the source videos. Apparently Kutiman, born Ophir Kutiel, is in the process of … Continue reading Kutiman – Thru You Too – No One In This World [video]

Pinterest, Copyright & FUD

I recently got the following question from a student: One of my fellow faculty members had this on her facebook page. I thought it was very interesting. I know that several faculty members suggest that students use pinterest as a mood board for coming up with concepts for design projects. Would like to to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks, Dorreen Brilliant timing on the … Continue reading Pinterest, Copyright & FUD

Why Is Wikipedia Broke Today? SOPA-Protest

Here’s a great video that explains the problems with PIPA and SOPA (besides being dumb acronyms): PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo. Tell Congress not to censor the internet NOW! – http://www.fightforthefuture.org/pipa PROTECT-IP is a bill that has been introduced in the Senate and the House and is moving quickly through Congress. It gives the government and … Continue reading Why Is Wikipedia Broke Today? SOPA-Protest

There are more of us out there than you think

  I just had a chat with Karl Peterson, current month 12 student, he called to share that he’d met a professor, Jim Groom, at the University of Mary Washington who’s doing a course on Digital Storytelling as an open university course. According to Peterson, Groom has no formal ed tech training but is mirroring a lot of what we’re doing in emdt. You can … Continue reading There are more of us out there than you think

Re: Film Copyright Laws

We get some wonderful questions from our amazingly talented students: I need some help. My CBR Project, Phase I, will be underway quickly; it involves my students composing music and putting it to a silent film. However, I know that most silent films are black and white and they are fairly old. However, I don’t know if there are copyright laws that would pertain to … Continue reading Re: Film Copyright Laws

Obama Hope Poster For Sale or “Shephard Fairey: Oops”

Another day, another Fair Use issue in the headlines. Imagine my surprise as I began to do research to update my previous article on the Fair-Use/Copyright kerfuffle between the Associated Press (AP) and street-artist/icon-wanna-be Shephard Fairey, to discover that the case was dismissed yesterday, January 11th, 2011, and that the two parties had entered into an undisclosed financial arrangement. I loved the lead paragraph from … Continue reading Obama Hope Poster For Sale or “Shephard Fairey: Oops”

#1 Music Recording of 2009 That You Can’t Buy

I have no business reviewing music. I gave up on keeping up with what’s hip in music when studio tricks took over for musical talent. Yeah, I’m an old fart. That said, a top 5 list written by Nathan Chase caught my attention because Chase’s #1 recording was a collection that you can’t get at Amazon or Wallmart or iTunes: Kutiman’s “ThruYOU” project. I previously … Continue reading #1 Music Recording of 2009 That You Can’t Buy