After spending the previous day traveling from Orlando to San Francisco and the previous night getting to know my CUE@macworld 2012 companions it was time to go down to the Moscone Center West for our day long series of presentations. You can follow my tweets from the day before here (addition links to tweets will be […]


Leo Laporte Crowd Surfs @Diggnation SXSW Rock Show

Leo Laporte has said time and time again that New Media is about the community and not trumped-up rockstars. He proved it Saturday night at the Diggnation show during the SXSW Interactive-media conference by trusting the 3,200 gathered to carry his body aloft from the stage toward the back of the gathered throng. Translation: the […]


The Quest for the Perfect Laptop Bag

You can tell I’ve just gotten back from traveling because I seem to find myself on laptop bag websites trying to figure out what is going to work best for my next flight (in two weeks!). When I switched up from my little 12″ iBook to my current 15.4″ Macbook Pro I really started noticing […]