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Video Mondays: The NYC Photographer and Human Touch

This story showed up in my feed last week from CBS News, “On the Road with Steve Hartman,” about a NYC photographer who was creating a series of portraits based on having strangers posing for him in slightly intimate positions that belies the fact that before that moment these people didn’t know one another. The reporter was astounded that the

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Video Mondays: Take part in Blog Action Day October 16, 2013

It shouldn’t take a genius to recognize that one of the first steps to fixing a problem is to get a number of people to talk about the problem and create a buzz around the problem. In our world of instantaneous news and 15-second sound bites what we get in possible news-overload we lose because we can’t seem to focus

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Video Fridays: Sittin’ On The Dock of The Bay, Gimme Shelter & Imagine – Playing For Change project

I’ve sat in enough bars and dives on the West Coast and in Florida to know that some of the best music I’ve ever heard has come from the beautiful souls who just want to share their gift and maybe score a few beers. Folks that the record labels would never bother with because they lack the right look or

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Is Blogging Dead?

The more cynical amongst us might chide that it was never really alive, but that doesn’t answer the question. I’ve been posting online for over a decade and have had my masters degree students post as part of their class work for almost five years and part of the problem with the question is understanding some of the gigantic misconceptions

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Video Tuesdays: Malala Day At UN: Teen Activist Shot By Taliban UN Speech

In the wake of the recent madness with all sides lobbing more hate and cries for justice this 16-year-old survivor of a Taliban attack challenged the world in her address to the UN: “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education first… We cannot all succeed when half of

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More Than a Pinched Nerve

I’ve been wondering how to tell this tale without my usually overly long narrative. I don’t know that there’s a way to do this without getting into to much detail. Apologies to those who may have heard bits of this story already… I do tend to tell my stories beginning with the history lesson aspect to it. Sorry… Let me

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