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Which Road Are You On? You Should Spend Some Time On “The Road to Edmond”

The Road to Edmond

Which Road Are You On? You Should Spend Some Time On “The Road to Edmond” Just finished watching “The Road to Edmond.” It’s been over a decade since I’ve watched something that centers on telling a “Christian” story. I just don’t have time for stories with two-dimensional characters where the only “honest” people are the brave Christians who, in the

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Believing in Evolution – Unexpected Bedfellows

DailyRandomShit for 2016-05-06 When this video came across my social feed I was pretty amazed. It was posted by a number of Christians as a proof against Evolution. Wow, it’s very refreshing to see Evangelical Christians promoting and agreeing with a Muslim. As for “disproving” evolution, the video producer makes several common mistakes such as proposing that humans came from

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In Bad Faith 11: A Mentoring Nightmare: The Dead Hippie Preacher

I used to think that part of my disfunction as a Christian leader was because I never really had a constructive mentoring relationship with my pastor(s). When working on my Master’s degree at Pepperdine I wrote an essay positing that I never had that kind of relationship with my dad and he’d never had a real mentoring relationship himself. I

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In Bad Faith 10: May 21st: To Know What Jesus Said No One Can Know

While listening to NPR’s Religion podcast I was surprised to hear that there is yet again another group of Christians predicting the Rapture, when Jesus will rescue the faithful and leave the rest to suffer unbelievable torment. This time the date has been set for Saturday May 21st. Hmmm, some things never change. I guess few remember the anxious days,

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Street Meets… Pedestrian: Christian Side Hug

When the rapper begins screaming, “Are you ready to party?!” the crowd goes wild. Apparently there’s a lot of pent up energy here. Then for the life of me I couldn’t figure out if this was straight or parody. I think it’s both… This video is totally def with an “A”… ack.

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21st Century Christianity Hidden Under 19th Century Robes

This has been a week of change for me. I finished my first course at Full Sail and started my first course as an Assistant Course Director (ACD) for someone else’s course. I also decided to update my profile info in e-Harmony and restart the long dormant “find me a match” process. I also decided last night that I should

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“With One Voice” Reflections

Saturday Afternoon, The Theater at Avalon Island, Downtown Orlando. The speaker shared his insights into what he called the seven concentric circles of spirituality or mysticism. I’m usually leery of anything that looks like a kind of spiritual “system.” But then as I listened I was reminded of my first year of university, at LMU, taking a class on Christian

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How Other Religions Think about Jesus

When NPR‘s Terry Gross interviewed New Testament scholar, Bart Ehrman, she asked him, in view of having documented his journey from Moody Bible institute to Agnosticism in “God’s Problem” and “Misquoting Jesus,” whether he has ever thought to check out other Faiths. Ehrman said that he knows that Buddhism has a very different attitude about suffering, but in the end

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