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Happy Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Launch Day

2019-07-16 CBS 50th Anniversary Launch of Apollo 11

Happy Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Launch Day I hope you are able to enjoy many of the Apollo 11 “you are there” programs that are being shown online and on TV. I’ve been watching the CBS 4-hour rebroadcast of their coverage on YouTube, complete with commercials and CBS “regular” news coverage from that day in 1969. Wow, the commercials are

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Video Mondays: The NYC Photographer and Human Touch

This story showed up in my feed last week from CBS News, “On the Road with Steve Hartman,” about a NYC photographer who was creating a series of portraits based on having strangers posing for him in slightly intimate positions that belies the fact that before that moment these people didn’t know one another. The reporter was astounded that the

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