Experimenting with Second Life in Education

Just “went” to a “screening” in Second Life of video projects created by Full Sail students. I’m intrigued by the idea of hanging around and chatting with friends and students in the virtual space and amused at how one of my my WoW loving coworkers belittles the experience. This was the first time I’d been […]


We Few Tech-Pioneers

Tech-buddy, Greg text-messaged me today complaining that our favorite podcast empire, TWIT, is all about the toys and business of tech but has nothing in the education space. I offered my usual snotty response: “Well, ED tends to act like a walled garden, I’m probably the only one I know to twitter DURING class.” To […]


MacWorld Photos Posted…

Yeah, I know everyone else has already posted their photos AND videos weeks ago. Most of them probably don’t have other jobs. Me, I have yearbook pages to do… in the meantime, here are pictures from my 2nd annual pilgrimage to MacWorld. The first set are from some very fun social gatherings I was lucky […]