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Using Dropbox to host iWeb Websites

Following Steve Jobs’ WWDC Keynote and introduction of MobileMe replacement, iCloud, speculation has been all over the place about what would become of the web-hosting features in MobileMe depended on by most users of the iWeb app (like all emdt students for their AR/CBR websites!). One smart mobileme users sent the following email to Mr. Jobs and got the following

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Goodbye MobileMe, we hardly knew ye

During Monday’s Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) I was at my normal multiple monitors position tracking several live-blogs and twit.tv’s live stream and was intrigued about what the demise of MobileMe was going to mean to those of us with blogs and websites hosted on the service. In typical Apple-style with it’s lightning-focus on delivering the perfect user-experience across three

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“A” is for Ax Murderer

Another student take on Zander’s giving student’s an automatic “A”:   Grades in middle school are controversial, especially now that students earn credits to be promoted to the next grade level. Ask a teacher at my school to “give an ‘A’” and their response is likely to be one of confusion, disbelief, laughter, or even anger. Administrators will tell you

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Art of Possibility Reflection: Unexpected Directions & Unanticipated Destinations

I just finished updating the reading part of my course and I somehow ended up telling my own story of Possibility. At this point in the course my students have read the first nine chapters of the Art of Possibility and are finishing up their final week in my course. They are just about to begin their last month in

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Intelligently Confused about God

The Holy City 01 by Waiting For The Word

While I continue to wander about in my head about my relationship with God, I continue to have encounters with individuals on similar courses, though, perhaps heading in a different direction. For example, last night at a local watering hole, while enjoying the evening’s Monday Night Football game, a gentleman ordered up his bucket of Buds and after random chit-chat

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Grading Rants for a Monday – Inspired by the Art of Possibility

One of the books that I use for my course is the inspirational The Art of Possibility and in one of the opening chapters the authors, Ben & Roz Zander, propose getting rid of grades. This usually invokes strong pros and cons reactions from my students. For example… “The author of the book, “The Art of Possibility” made a statement

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