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Blog Reunification/Relaunch as joebustillos.com

Blog Reunification/Relaunch as joebustillos.com I used to think that it was a problem that I could never narrow down my writing or my blog posts to one subject. I mean, I know that I cringe when the tech podcasters I follow venture into areas outside their expertise. Alas, having experimented with separating my many interests into separate blogs, I find treating these things as separate … Continue reading Blog Reunification/Relaunch as joebustillos.com

The Right Tool for the Right Job: iBooks Author & Other Book Writing Tools

Several months ago my coworkers and I were looking into how we might use iBooks Author with our students and after completing some training I started considering which of my writing projects might work well with the app. I was also inspired to do some serious writing because I had been attending the monthly meetings of the Orlando Indie Authors group and left every session … Continue reading The Right Tool for the Right Job: iBooks Author & Other Book Writing Tools

WordPress, Flattened Expectations & Who Really Visits Your Blog

A couple weeks ago I went to a meeting of my local WordPress (support) group and one of the talks was on upcoming web trends that we needed to pay attention to. Oh boy, my head was swimming in a matter of minutes. Here are the bullet points to the talk: WP Trends 2014: Flat Design a la iOS 7 HTML5 video Show AND Tell … Continue reading WordPress, Flattened Expectations & Who Really Visits Your Blog

Is Blogging Dead?

The more cynical amongst us might chide that it was never really alive, but that doesn’t answer the question. I’ve been posting online for over a decade and have had my masters degree students post as part of their class work for almost five years and part of the problem with the question is understanding some of the gigantic misconceptions that most have about posting … Continue reading Is Blogging Dead?

Blogging Isn’t Supposed to be This Hard

I haven’t been blogging for months… which would be obvious to anyone paying attention. So imagine my frustration because I decided as my first project to begin working on creating a photography blog site and after almost a week of work am still trying to figure out why nothing works. I’d been thinking about this for some time and looked at WordPress themes months and … Continue reading Blogging Isn’t Supposed to be This Hard

For The Love of It, Part 2 – Writing & Blogging

This past week I asked the musical question, why music?. This fine, early Saturday morning, I woke asking myself: Why Writing, and for me, Why Blogging?

Asking the question partially stemmed from talking to FullSail colleague and EMDT alum, Tom Lucas about his blog(s), the writing drive and the fact that on that particular day a poem of his ended up on the front page of WordPress.com. Nope, not jealous… Really. Talking to Tom, listening to his questions about what he wants to do with his writing and what he might do to build his audience was an opportunity for me to really think about what I was hoping to accomplish with my blogs and why I was working so hard at it with no discernible increase in my own readership. It’s too often a misplacement of energies on finding the perfect blogging theme/platform and not nearly enough on writing and the worst of my sins being ignoring the fact that audience comes from interacting with other bloggers and communities. Oops.

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How I Survived a Month Without Blogging: Day One App

Just before I dropped into a “no new blog post” hole that lasted over a month, which was also around the end of National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO), I heard about Day One (app) from Andy Ihnatko as his pick on MacBreak Weekly. Then I started the blog-hosting-from-hell upgrade during which one blog post kept disappearing and then showing up as a Google+ link.  I decided … Continue reading How I Survived a Month Without Blogging: Day One App

How I Spent My Winter Break & Why Godaddy Isn’t My Blog Host

And no this has nothing to do with SOPA… yet. We’ve been on the run since Friday… Woe, that was two weeks ago. Man, time flies… Christmas eve-eve I was busy working on Tricia’s video, using my blog-woes as a cover story. Alas, the blog woes was more than a convenient cover-story (see below). Friday, last day at work, Tricia had gone back to her place to do all the thousands of things the holidays seems to require of all mothers. Saturday, Xmas eve, was spent outside Tampa with Tricia’s older brother, Mike. I got some NFL in on that day. Then Sunday, Christmas Day, was spent at Tricia’s with her mom, son and granddaughter. It was unhurried and very comfortable. It was perfect.

So around Wednesday, the last week of the break, Tricia asked me what did I want to do with my Christmas break. Was I thinking of going anywhere or doing anything special? Number one, I wouldn’t think about going anywhere without including her and number two, there was only half a week left of my break. So, after a brief pause I told her that I was already doing it. She looked at me, puzzled. I’d spent my days mostly on the computer, laboriously updating hundreds of feature images in my blog after the move to my new blog host and chasing down other bloggy stuff. Hmmm. That was the short, mostly painless version. I really did enjoy having the time to do all of this silly bloggy stuff. But the real story goes back to Thanksgiving week when I began to investigate upgrading my Godaddy hosted blog(s)… Here’s the long painful rendition… Continue reading “How I Spent My Winter Break & Why Godaddy Isn’t My Blog Host”

WordPress Theme To the Rescue: Minimatica 1.0.8 by One Designs

Found it. A WordPress blog theme that forces me to focus on what I’m trying to accomplish. It has been a long difficult journey since deciding that I needed to do something about my blog hosting around Thanksgiving. I’ll add the frustrating blow-by-blow rendition at the end of this post. I could go back to 2007 to tell this story, but no one would sit through all of that. Suffice it to say that I’ve been on a blogging pilgrimage for quite sometime and what I’ve been looking for has been a platform/theme that would be magazine-like in that with one glance the reader/visitor would be met with the latest stories in an inviting visual fashion. I wanted something that was distinctively different from the list-view offered by most blogs (a la my LiveJournal days!).

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