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iBooks Author & the Post-Website World

I just finished taking an extensive tutorial on the Apple product iBooks Author and it really got me thinking about the post website world. What I mean is that Apple has been trying for decades to create the right combination of tools to enable their users to unleash their creativity on the world. Among other problems, the chief conduit of

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Is Blogging Dead?

The more cynical amongst us might chide that it was never really alive, but that doesn’t answer the question. I’ve been posting online for over a decade and have had my masters degree students post as part of their class work for almost five years and part of the problem with the question is understanding some of the gigantic misconceptions

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No Witty Observations Or Piercing Insights This Week

So… you might have noticed that there haven’t been any new blog posts this week. Most non-pro bloggers don’t keep to any kind of schedule, but I’ve been trying since the beginning of the year to have at least five posts per week and more recently one post per category (tech, education, media, lifestyle) per week. Alas, as we were

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For The Love of It, Part 2 – Writing & Blogging

This past week I asked the musical question, why music?. This fine, early Saturday morning, I woke asking myself: Why Writing, and for me, Why Blogging? Asking the question partially stemmed from talking to FullSail colleague and EMDT alum, Tom Lucas about his blog(s), the writing drive and the fact that on that particular day a poem of his ended

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Can you still recommend Word Press for education blogging?

Question by FullSail/EMDT grad, Nancy Melashenko: Can you still recommend Word Press for education blogging? Hmmm, interesting question. It really depends on the goal/purpose of the “educational” blogging. There are so many tools that do the community part a bit better, like the elementary school friendly edublogs, that doing a wordpress roll-your-own might not be necessary. I love wordpress as

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