What to Include & Exclude After Re-Imaging My Laptop

I had my laptop re-imaged this past week because of problems installing and running FCP. Painful. So, tonight I’m spending the first part of my Thanksgiving break re-installing software. This is a very familiar tale for me. Alas, in previous years I was usually installing something for a family member. Not too likely this time. Thus, the reason I’m even bothering to write about this … Continue reading What to Include & Exclude After Re-Imaging My Laptop

21st Century Christianity Hidden Under 19th Century Robes

This has been a week of change for me. I finished my first course at Full Sail and started my first course as an Assistant Course Director (ACD) for someone else’s course. I also decided to update my profile info in e-Harmony and restart the long dormant “find me a match” process. I also decided last night that I should check out a church that … Continue reading 21st Century Christianity Hidden Under 19th Century Robes

“With One Voice” Reflections

Saturday Afternoon, The Theater at Avalon Island, Downtown Orlando. The speaker shared his insights into what he called the seven concentric circles of spirituality or mysticism. I’m usually leery of anything that looks like a kind of spiritual “system.” But then as I listened I was reminded of my first year of university, at LMU, taking a class on Christian mysticism, and how surprised I … Continue reading “With One Voice” Reflections

Zero Eye by Zero+

Pondering the Meaningless of It All

Not me, you silly goof… BTW, just in case you are not familiar with the Onion News Network, this is a parody/comedy website. But that doesn’t dismiss the actual thoughts presented in this “dramatization” of a football team falling apart because one member of the team and then eventually the whole team succumbs to despair following an existential epiphany. The comment in the piece that … Continue reading Pondering the Meaningless of It All

God the Father 25 by Waiting For The Word

Design by God – God by Design

One of the greatest benefits of living in this age is the possibility of going directly to the first sources when one wants to read or listen to the thoughts of any particular speaker or thinker. Back in my Fuller days in the early 80s one of my favorite professors, Colin Brown, commented that then popular Christian writer, Francis Schaeffer, got Kierkegaard all wrong, adding … Continue reading Design by God – God by Design

Another Voice in the Wilderness

“You’ve obviously been thinking about this a lot.” I hesitated, “well, yeah.” He looked at me, “not me,” and then he went on about “practical ministry” and not being one to spend any time on thinking. Thus my last connection seemed to snap and I felt all the more disconnected from a faith that had been one of my deepest passions for the past four … Continue reading Another Voice in the Wilderness

Mt26ff “He’ll Be Back”

I began my journey through Matthew’s gospel over 4 1/2 years ago. Those were amazing days. I had been away for 15-years and everything seemed so new. And I was in love, trying to understand how this could happen to me and more importantly how I was going to deal with the fact that everything about this love was “wrong.” So, when I decided to … Continue reading Mt26ff “He’ll Be Back”

Mt26 31-56 – Disciples Scattered & Jesus Arrested

Matt. 26:31-56 Disciples Scattered & Jesus Arrested Part of me was distressed that, once again, it seemed that the disciples at the moment of the savior’s great need were not able so much as just stay awake with him while he prayed. Who knows whether they had any appreciation for what had just happened, the Last Supper, or the events that were about to transpire. … Continue reading Mt26 31-56 – Disciples Scattered & Jesus Arrested

Mt26 17-25 – Destiny & Responsibility

Matt. 26:17-25 Destiny & Responsibility What began with his baptism in the Jordan and what he began to confess to his close disciples during his teaching ministry was coming to fruition. Like a path set before Him, he stepped upon it and, in today’s parlance, “made the path his own.” And so the menial steps of where to prepare the feast were engaged, no doubt … Continue reading Mt26 17-25 – Destiny & Responsibility