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Blog Action Day: Inequity and The Opportunity to Learn

My mom and dad grew up in the post-World War II boon when they really believed that you could achieve anything that you worked hard at. They grew up in San Gabriel, CA, where the joke was that everyone was related to one another and it was understood which side of the railroad tracks, which ran directly behind my grandparents’

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Video Fridays: The Most Epic Inspirational Speech Of All Time

I don’t know what kind of week you’ve had and there’s a real danger to finding one’s inspiration from movies and other sorts of fiction… but sometimes we fall in love with these moments because they speak to a greater reality. Enjoy. Uploaded by flashmvp on Feb 12, 2011 A montage of incredibly inspirational movie speeches, rolled into one moving

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Mt8 5-13 – A Soldier’s Faith

Matt. 8:5-13 – A Soldier’s Faith Interesting that a gospel very concerned with Jesus’ fulfillment of the law & the prophets begins with the confession of faith from a Gentile. There is a naturalist/logical quality to the centurion’s expression of faith. For him it just makes sense. But before we go too far we need to note that this “logical”

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