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Surprising Numbers Stepping on the Scale After a Few Years

2019-06-14 jbustillos weigh-in

In my many travels yesterday, I picked up a few things that hadn’t survived the move last summer or the move from Florida. One of the items was a weight-scale. Tracking my weight had been important following my illness in 2012-2014, but it just hadn’t registered these past few years. So I picked one up yesterday, and stepped on the

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Reflections from the Road: June 26, Day 5, San Antonio Riverwalk & a Bucket of Coronas

I just spent 39-days driving cross-country & here is one of my reflections from the experience. Enjoy On every level, what’s the plan? Maybe I’m starting a bit too deep. It’s a Monday night and I’m sitting outside at one of San Antonio’s Riverwalk restaurants watching the couples stroll by. Four Coronas in, I have serious doubts about my observations

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Intelligently Confused about God

The Holy City 01 by Waiting For The Word

While I continue to wander about in my head about my relationship with God, I continue to have encounters with individuals on similar courses, though, perhaps heading in a different direction. For example, last night at a local watering hole, while enjoying the evening’s Monday Night Football game, a gentleman ordered up his bucket of Buds and after random chit-chat

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11 Things the Bible Bans, #12 Diggnation Talking Religion

A friend once quipped about how stupid it is when MDs think that just because they are experts in one thing, that they must be experts in other things. For example, being an expert surgeon doesn’t mean that one is an expert at running a business (as many office managers for the medical profession painfully understand). Doctors are obviously not

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Friends Looking Out for One Just for Me

dan, terri & deserts

I have these two wonderful friends, Dan and Terri, who are always looking out for my happiness. They’re a young happily married couple, any two of which is an oddity these days and whenever we go out they’re always looking for a woman for me. It’s very endearing to me. So, several weeks ago, knowing that there was no talking

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What to Include & Exclude After Re-Imaging My Laptop

I had my laptop re-imaged this past week because of problems installing and running FCP. Painful. So, tonight I’m spending the first part of my Thanksgiving break re-installing software. This is a very familiar tale for me. Alas, in previous years I was usually installing something for a family member. Not too likely this time. Thus, the reason I’m even

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