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Video Mondays: Apple – Making a difference, one app at a time

It was probably the middle of the night when this video crossed my streams. I knew that it was too long to be a TV commercial and was probably created by Apple for their recent WWDC event. Apple certainly knows how to tell a beautiful story or in this case, beautiful stories. Monday’s WWDC keynote began with an infographic-style video

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From Keyboard-Driven UI to Google Glass: What’s the Next Metaphor?

On the eve of the release of Google Glass we’re continuing to hear tech pundits go on about how nobody except wanna-be hipsters are going to wear Google Glass. Just for the record, many of these folks are the same ones who went on record in 2007 saying that no one is going to want to listen to music on

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Remembering Steve Jobs’ Moments for his 58th Birthday

Yesterday would have been Steve Jobs’ 58th birthday. Mashable posted a link to a YouTube video of some of Steve Job’s funniest moments. I had the pleasure of attending several Steve Jobs’ keynotes, including the phenomenal 2007 Macworld keynote when he introduced the iPhone. He was on his game that day, joking about the iPhone being a rotary-dial iPod and

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Google Glass and the Rainbow Unicorn that is Mobile/Virtual UI

Google’s done it again, taken a nascent technology and made it news. Silicon Valley gadget-cheerleader, Robert Scoble spotted Google founder, Sergey Brin, wearing the pictured device (right-top) at a Silicon Valley event. Scoble reportedthat he saw a light being emitted from the device, but Brin declined letting Scoble dawn the glasses himself, so the unit’s functionality could not be confirmed.

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Nokia Resorts to FUD Ads

What does it mean when an advertiser begins his campaign by knocking the other product about issues over two-years old? I thought making the consumer think about the market leader (not your product) was a bad thing. This week Nokia, following phone-partner Microsoft’s lead, dropped a series of FUD ads purporting to be secret behind-the-scenes footage highlighting decisions made at

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