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Damn You, Apple! (Contemplating the New MacBook Pro 16”)

VR MacBook Pro 16" on my desktop

Damn You, Apple! (Contemplating the New MacBook Pro 16”) I’d heard Apple slip-stream announced their latest MacBook Pro (16”) via press release and sans “dog & pony” presentation. I rocked an original 15” Retina MacBook Pro since 2012 and even though I’ve lusted for the 27” 5K iMac I went with a 13” MacBook Pro in 2017 because I was

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Photos Everywhere & A Tad Expensive

photos-app-imac-press_1024-imore When Apple recently released the new Photo.app on OS X, as a long time believer in iPhoto, I was hopeful that they’d addressed shortcomings I’d wrestled with. I think they’ve mostly hit the mark with a small number of concerns. Thus, I begin this discussion by recognizing that the biggest problem related to modern mobile-photography is one of both

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Witnessing History: The Best Steve Jobs Keynote

Just over eight-years ago I was in the auditorium on January 9, 2007 and witnessed history when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world. It seems weird that this happened only eight-years ago, and at the same time hard to appreciate how the technology world really changed after that keynote. Apple was a sliver of the computer market with

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Love is a Strength, Fear is the Weakness

At a time when many would divide us and try to use our fears to keep from discovering what we’re capable of, it’s time to speak out against the Fearmongers. If you give yourself a chance to get past the surface and the labels and the fear, we are capable of so much good. Even the haters have some light

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TWiT Pundits Poke Fun – Confused By Apple iPad Ad

In his defense Chief-TWiT, Leo Laporte, calls himself a pundit, who comments on the news, and not really a journalist or tech journalist, who does the original research of the news stories. Ok, and Leo is going to go for the joke and poke fun, especially when chief-curmudgeon John C. Dvorak is a panelist on TWiT’s flagship show, This Week

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Real Computers Versus Toys, Part 1

I’ve finally encountered a real “microsofty.” Being primarily an Apple school it’s not often that I’ve encountered those who firmly believe in the Microsoft-way and more or less tolerate having to use Macs in our coursework. We’ve recently introduced an iBooks Author assignment into my course and the following course and this student confessed to not having access to an

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