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Pot Calling out The Kettle: tRumpf and Amazon


The guy who bragged that not paying taxes was “smart” attacks Amazon for not paying their fair share?! Didn’t he just sign a bill into law designed to lower the taxes of large businesses and billionaires? Oh, right, besides his poor memory skills, such things only apply to whatever he watches that morning on “Fox & Friends.” Also, Amazon’s use

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Is Cyber-Monday Still A Thing?

I don’t know if you’re more motivated to shop because of all the noise on TV and made by annoying friends with blogs (sorry about that)… but I know that I have to stop myself sometimes because there are things that I’ve been thinking of getting for myself or as gifts that I put put off that suddenly becomes very important

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Reminder For Those Shopping From Home

Hope y’all are enjoying Black Friday from the comfort of your home. Just a reminder for those of you doing your holiday shopping at Amazon.com, if you’d kindly begin your search with one of the links below it’ll help moi while I continue my “Next Chapter” of my career. Besides my good friend, Tom Lucas’ latest book, this list was

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Helpin’ a Brother Out

Recent events have reminded me of the John Lennon quote, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” I came out to Florida in 2008 because it was an opportunity to put all the things I’d learned at that point into practice and to step up my potential teaching influence. Now I’ve been given another opportunity to consider

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In The News: Newspapers/Magazines on the iPad, Part 1

Newspaper forest green by NS Newsflash/Jon S

I have memories of my father spending every morning of his life reading the LA Times, weekdays and weekends. He was up at the crack of dawn and gone before we invaded the kitchen most mornings, but the evidence of his presence was there in the refolded sections of the newspaper. In later years I tried to emulate the morning

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