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Consumer-Grade Technology Won’t Cut It In the Classroom

Nothing will shake out the bugs and defects in anything quite like exposure to the energy and intensity of elementary students. I’ve seen nicely manufactured kid-friendly robots happily fail to drive forward after only two-weeks of exposure to elementary students. And we’re not talking about driving them off tables or running them into walls or any other forms of robot/technology

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Video Fridays: RoboHand & MakerBot 3D Printing – Here to Help Us

Sometimes technology is a distraction and there are those who would eliminate it from our lives and culture if they had the power. Then there are those of us who live immersed in it because our humanity compels us to ignore the naysayers and strive for something better. Then every once in a while something pops through the daydreaming and

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Real 3D Visualizations: Building nano-structures

This one is way over my head, but points to different user-interfaces that break away from the WIMP-model: By okreylos. Old video of building a nano-structure using a bimanual interface. The interaction was recorded on a “immersive workbench,” a single-screen virtual reality environment with one tracked stylus and two tracked data gloves. The video is slightly sped up by accident.

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