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Today in 1964 in Extreme Voter Suppression

1964 Summer of Freedom Murders

DailyRandomShit for 2016-06-21 Democracy, doesn’t that mean one vote per citizen and that every citizen’s vote counts equally? Today marks a dark day in overt voter suppression when one population was being systematically blocked from exercising their constitutional right to participate in the political process. Neither political party has a sterling historical record when it comes to suppressing the freedom

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No, no, no

DailyRandomShit for 2016-06-14 I ran out of “understanding’ this morning when a conservative friend posted an image connecting the Orlando shootings with an unrelated tragedy. Ugh. I feel bad about it, but it was the last straw. No… I’m calling you in this conflation of lies… Talk about missing the point & politicizing tragedy. No, no, no. Sorry, these are

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Spelling Out a Few Things

DailyRandomShit for 2016-06-08 I don’t exactly agree with every point of this essay, but LaMonte M. Fowler pretty much spells out many of my thoughts… One of my biggest feelings is that if your largest effort is on complaining and/or blaming others and not in finding solutions I’m pretty much done with all of the Internet whining. Thank you very

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