Why Did the Furby Cross the Road

From my Masters degree at Pepperdine University, EDC634 Shaping Learning Environment Spring 2002



“Why Did the Furby Cross the Road?”

Written by Christine “Sissy” Lorenz, Joe Bustillos & Henry Price
Cameras by Joe Bustillos
Edited by Sissy Lorenz
Reckless Driving by Sissy Lorenz
Mr. Squirrel as himself
Furby as himself
Furby Training by Henry Price and Vickey Storey
This film was NOT supervised by the Humane Society
“Little Fluffy Clouds” by The Orb
“O Mio Babbino Caro” sung by Charlotte Church

Originally uploaded to YouTube on Jul 18, 2006
This video was part of an assignment as part of Pepperdine’s Online Masters Program in Educational Technology (OMAET). While waiting to shoot the “research” video, we came up with the idea and shot this video. When we were done shooting both videos I edited the “research” video while Sissy edited this one. This video is a perfect example of spontaneous creativity. The “flying through the air” footage was created when I accidentally left the camera rolling while I was changing positions for the next shots. Sissy was able to take that footage and with the Charlotte Church track she gave us a “Furby’s eye-view” of his own demise. We were hoping to follow this video up with a “Furby Autopsy” video, but as with the “Behind the Scenes” videos, it will have to wait for another life time(?). JBB

You can see the Furby Research video here.


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