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Unit01: 2019-2020 Rules & Behaviors

Unit01: Welcome to Fitzgeralds’ STEAM Lab 2019-2020: Rules & Behaviors

Campus Behavior Reviewed
Campus Behavior Reviewed


  • Conversations: 0 to 1: Listen first/Inside Voices – Instructor Talking = Must Listen
  • Help: 
    • Instruction time = hands up
    • Work time = close neighbors
  • Activity: Always listening for what we’re trying to learn/do
  • Movement: No movement without permission
  • Participation: Taking turns/10 minutes switch driver/recorder
  • Success: You don’t want to quit
  • Class Sessions:
    • 2 minutes: Setup/Login
    • 25 minutes: Instruction
    • 20 minutes: Explore
    • 5 minutes: Clean-up
  • Helpers/Behavior Accountability

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